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Don't settle for just any attorney, trust Douglas McClintock!

Attorney Douglas McClintock has 35 years of experience. He's especially skilled in Family Law and Pension Law. He will personally handle your case from start to finish, and passionately represent your interests. Call now for a FREE consultation!


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You won't see us sitting by passively during your case. We fight tooth and nail for our clients, always working towards getting you the best outcome possible.

Our guiding principles:

Aggressive representation

Ethical practice

  • Provide Southern California residents with superior legal services at a reasonable cost

  • Always look for opportunities to obtain favorable settlements to reduce client cost

  • When a favorable settlement cannot be reached, aggressively litigate to obtain favorable orders and judgments

  • Maintain the highest ethical standards both because it's the right thing to do and because judges look favorably on litigants who retain highly ethical attorneys.

  • Make sure our clients understand the law that applies to their case and understand the reasons behind every action we take.

  • Maintain the fairest possible billing practices

  • Don't charge for every phone call and email

  • Don't have attorneys do work that should be done by paralegals or secretaries

  • Only do work that has been approved in advance by the Client

  • Never forget that our clients are going through the most stressful period in their lives and treat them with understanding and compassion

  • Never deviate from our guiding principles

"...After a few minutes on the phone with QDRO expert attorney Douglas McClintock who was also a family law attorney I found out he was also a pension attorney.


Well, long story short, this was the best money spent in my divorce. Attorney McClintock took some information from me, asked for a few documents and he finished everything in just a few weeks. Just like he said he would. I am here to say I totally recommend this expert attorney."


- Clare Hampton (Long Beach, CA)